The Pain Profiles

Nature has made it so that pain signals can't be ignored.

Pain is transmitted by receptors (nociceptors) that fire off information, through your nerves, to your spinal cord and finally to your brain, all at nano speed telling you something hurts.

Where there is pain, there is congestion and inflammation, and in some cases nerve damage, so I work closely with you and your diet, improving absorption and elimination time, reducing inflammation and helping your cells heal from the inside out.

Susceptibility Test

Getting to the core of a health issue can be a complex task, but the Susceptibility Test makes my job a little easier. It shows us where the acute and chronic issues lie within you so we can then get more specific within your treatment. 

Specific Profiles

Getting you back to a place of comfort

Nerve Profile Sensory receptors in our skin are what help us to feel pain. They send a message via nerve fibres (A-delta fibres and C fibres) to the spinal cord and brainstem and then onto the brain where the sensation of pain is registered, the information is processed and the pain is perceived. Biofeedback can help you pinpoint and reduce the nerve pain that is being affected the most.  

Spinal Profile Spinal chord acts as the messaging center, and it's the dorsal horn that senses touch, vibration and proprioception (movement) simultaneously telling you to move away from a painful object, known as spinal reflex. Energy can get disturbed or clogged here and working with both the vertebrae and spinal chord in line with the nervous system can help clear the pathways.

Emotional Profile If you've just had an argument with your partner and then you stub your toe, your response may be very different from if you've just won the lottery. Likewise if last time it happened your toe became infected, your feelings (apprehension) may become heightened than if you recovered quickly. It's your thalamus that alerts your limbic system, within the emotional center of the brain, that actually actions your body to cry.

Brain Profile The pain sensation is transmitted and registered in the thalamus, where it is then directed to the cerebral cortex which figures out its origin, what sort of pain it is and rationalises if you've had it before. This sounds simple, but it isn't as your nervous system is intricately linked with the processing of your mood, past experiences and expectations all of which can highly effect how you feel pain.

Feelings are associated with every sensation we are met with and each feeling generates a physiological response making it vital to treat the emotional body as well as the physical.

Meridian Profile Unlike traditional medicine, the Chinese approach to heath + well-being is primarily concerned with the invisible. Attuning to the body's energetic map of force and flow, they have provided an intelligent formula for diagnosing and correcting energy disorders that reside at the body's core imbalances creating your ailments. By stimulating this energetic system and points we aid the body to rebalance itself providing preventive measures before disruptions occur.

Organ Profile 

Muscle, Cartilage + Ligaments Profile 

Dental Profile 

Free yourself, ease the pain