The Fatigue Profile

Are you fed up of feeling exhausted?

Without balanced energy levels, your health, performance and relationships can all suffer. 

Poor eating habits can lead to constipation, IBS, weight gain and nutritional deficiencies can all be culprits for experiencing low energy and a disruption in the immune system.

If you have been told you have Chronic Fatigue, Epstein Barr Virus or M.E and you've tried dietary changes, but still not found the solution, then Biofeedback could help you.


Susceptibilty Profile - Getting to the core of a health issue can be a complex task, but the Susceptibility test makes my job a little easier. It shows us where the acute and chronic issues lie within your system so we can then get more specific within your treatment.  

Nutritional Profile - Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids are vital for energy and a healthy mind and body. In the Nutritional profile we can scan what you may be deficient or dominant in and feedback the vibrations of elements that are out of balance stimulating your body's healing.

Detox Profile - As we are susceptible to a vast array of pollutants which our body is seldom able to eliminate at the rate it needs to, we can experience adverse effects. Essentially toxins dormant in our system can, destroy body tissue, damage organs, depress the immune system and leave you more vulnerable to disease. So by scanning the Enviromental, Viruses + Parasites and Personal Stress Factors we can begin to see the root of the problem and build a bigger picture of where your imbalances lie.


During your session, you will receive the electromagnetic frequency on the element that is out of balance. This helps to restore your body's natural source, ie it stimulates its production, or lessens it if it's in excess. 


After each 3 mins feedback loop, the machine gives a percentage of how much the body has taken on that substance or not. We are looking for 70% or higher for us to know the body has responded and the shift has occurred. 


Please note this can take a few goes and it's highly likely you will feel different/better once we've achieved a higher percentage. If however, a particular substance keeps showing in following sessions, we may then suggest the supplement in the physical form as well. 

Experience the benefits, Raise your energy