The Detox Profile

Are toxins leaving you feeling under par?

If you are tired of feeling like you're only functioning at 10% and just don't know why. We can energetically test what is effecting your energy levels in the Detox Profile. See below for what and how we can aid your body back to health.


We scan which toxic elements are an issue for you (see below). We then treat the specific toxin that is causing your body stress in increments of 3 min loops. 

The machine gives a percentage of how much the body has taken on that substance or not. We are looking for 70% or higher for us to know the body has responded and the shift has occurred.

Please note this can take a few goes and once a higher percentage has been measured, it is highly likely you will feel different / better.

The Scans

Environmental + Industrial Toxins

Our bodies are continuously subjected to pollutants, from the air we breathe, to the chemically treated water we drink and pesticides used in soil to grow our foods. While our livers, kidneys, skin and lymphatic systems work round the clock to eliminate these dangerous toxins from our body, they very often just cannot keep up. The result is a build up of poisons in the system which destroy body tissue, damage organs, depress the immune system leaving you more vulnerable to disease. 

Pathogens Toxins

A pathogen is a a micro-organism that has the potential to cause disease. Depending on the pathogen there are a few different routes of transmission; through saliva, blood, foods we eat, air we breath, for example an intestinal pathogen is generally spread by food or water and a respiratory pathogen is usually airborne. It's these pathogens or microbes that can cause disease.

Personal Self Induced Toxins

We can all over do it, too many prosecco's, an overload of caffeine to prop us up from the lack of sleep, or stimulate us from brain fog mind, because we're constipated and not had a clear out in days. Often a consequence of a poor diet overloaded with meat and wheat. 

Restore your body's natural balance