The Chakra Profile

Could your symptoms be the result of a Chakra imbalance?

Biofeedback can read your body's reactions on an electromagnetic level, so will be able to find what and where within you is being compromised.

The LIFE System will give you an energetic diagnostic report of which Chakra is out of balance. This balance can either be over, or underactive which can cause a myriad of symptoms.

What is a Chakra?

The word chakra originates from Sankrit and is believed to be an energy point within the body. All linked up with subtle energetic channels called Nadi. It is thought if one of the centres or channels are compromised this can cause an imbalance. 

The Chakra's

7th CROWN CHAKRA - Innate Wisdom

In Balance: Open and free of prejudices. Aware of yourself and the world. Oneness. 

Overactive: Headaches, quite rigid thinking, disconnected with self or the world. Feeling superior to others.

Underactive: Flighty, not grounded, addicted to spirituality and not very body aware. Skepticisim and difficulty thinking.

Organ/System: Pineal Gland.

Colour: Clear or Purple.

6th THIRD EYE CHAKRA - Insight

In Balance: Good intuition, insights come easily and able to visualise. Can be psychic / clairvoyant. 

Overactive: Maybe delisional, live in a fantasy world, may even hallucinations. Lack of focus, nightmares.

Underactive: Looking to others for guidance, confusion, may rely on beliefs and be rigid in thinking. Lack of imagination and unable to visualise.

Organ/System: Pituitary Gland, Brain, Eyes and Nose.

Colour: Indigo

5th THROAT CHAKRA - Communication

In Balance: Creatively expressing yourself and healing through speaking your truth.

Overactive: Over talkative, can be domineering, keep people at a  distance and generally a bad listener. Hyperthyroidism.

Underactive: Introverted and shy. Don't speak your truth and don't talk a lot. Can block throat chakra and cause sore throats. Hypothyroidism.

Organ/System: Throat, vocal chords and Throid Gland.

Colour: Blue


In Balance: Able to love with an open heart. Compassionate, friendly and work well in relationships.

Overactive: Suffocating with your love and possibly stems from a selfish slant of what you can get. Codependency and jealousy.

Underactive: Cold and distant. Bitter and intolerent, possible shyness.

Organ/System: Heart and Thymus gland.

Colour: Green.

3rd NAVEL CHAKRA - Assertion

In Balance: You are calmly assertive, have good energy and drive for what you want.

Overactive: Domineering and possibly aggressive. Controlling and overly competitive.

Underactive: Timid, passive and indecisive. Often not getting what you really desire. Powerlessness, weak digestion and chronic fatigue.

Organ/System: Digestive and Adrenal.

Colour: Yellow

2nd SACRAL CHAKRA - Sexuality

In Balance: You are able to express your sexual desires and feelings with passion and grace. You are open to intimacy.

Overactive: Very emotional most of the time, highly sexual and get overly attached to people. Oversensitive.

Underactive: Tend to be unexpressive. Emotionally dettached and not very open to people. Fearful, guilty and insecure.

Organ/System: Reproductive, Kidneys and Bladder.

Colour: Orange

1st ROOT CHAKRA - Safety

In Balance: You are grounded, stable and secure. Present and connected in your body. 

Overactive: Overly materialistic, greedy and obsessed with money. Can be resistant to change. Sluggish and constipated. 

Underactive: Can be fearful and nervous. Disconnected to people, places and your surroundings. Fear, anxious and diarrhea.

Organ/System: Elimination

Colour: Red

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