Why work with me?

Laura combines three wonderfully powerful techniques; Biofeedback, Mind Detox Method and Mind Calm Meditation to bring you back to a place of wellness.

Since qualifying in Biofeedback 4 years ago, Laura has gone on to qualify as a Mind Detox Therapist and Mind Calm Meditation Coach. Has worked with hundreds of clients at the internationally award-winning LifeCo Detox & Wellbeing Centre in Turkey, at Edinburgh's Centre for Holistic Health and more recently at her clinic in Rosewell. 

By drawing on her own personal success story, she puts her clients at ease and provides a space for them to bring positive changes into their mind, body, emotions and life.

Laura's qualifications, experience and story.



A device that assesses the body via EMF's

The Machine is a Biofeedback device that encourages your body to stabilise, returning you back to Homeostasis and back to health.

The Biofeedback machine assesses the body by scanning 7000 different elements and assimilates this data in a form of a list, indicating what and where your body's biggest stress potentials are.

Upon the results of the testing, the information is then fed back rapidly and accurately via EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies) to the body to stimulate its natural healing abilities.


"As I count my blessings today, high on my list is Laura Jane Jones. After spending the past three weeks in what can only be described as agony with a wisdom tooth coming through, I had a Biofeedback session with Laura and have been PAIN FREE EVER SINCE. 

Not only that but she UNCOVERED DEEP AND LONG STANDING EMOTIONAL BLOCKS of which I hadn’t been aware of, I now feel like I am in Love with life again. The deep gratitude I feel for being alive and HEALTHY is the best birthday present I could have wished for. Thank you!”       — CAROLYN SYKES, BERKSHIRE (via Meta Skype).