Laura +
The Machine

Get back to balance for a healthier, happy you!


Who's Laura?

When I was 14 I developed Glandular Fever and ME. I was bed bound for the best part of 5 years and at times I thought that I would never recover, in fact doctors told me I wouldn't. 

At that time, there was very little conventional support available, so I turned to alternative methods and set about helping myself. Eventually I found Biofeedback and it literally gave me my life back. 

My biggest challenge turned out to be my greatest gift, as it sent me on a path of taking responsibility for my health and well-being. At 19 years old I was so grateful to have found something that would allow me to enjoy the rest of my life. Little did I know back then that my physical problems were going to be a big personal wake-up call to living a healthier and happier life and what has ultimately ignited my passion in helping others do the same. Contact me.


What's The Machine?


A device that assesses the body via EMF's

The Machine is a Biofeedback device that encourages your body to stabilise, returning you back to Homeostasis and back to health.

The Biofeedback machine assesses the body by scanning 7000 different elements and assimilates this data in a form of a list, indicating what and where your body's biggest stress potentials are.

Upon the results of the testing, the information is then fed back rapidly and accurately via electromagnetic frequencies to the body to stimulate its natural healing abilities.


  • Worked as part of a successful team at the Center for Holistic Health.

  • Worked on retreats at the award-winning LifeCo Detox Centre Turkey.

  • Run successful 6 week meditation courses at The Yoga Room.

  • Presented Biofeedback talks at various wellness events.

  • Exhibited at various Mind Body Soul fairs over the UK.

  • Worked with OMH Therapies on various retreat days.

  • Hosted webinars + guest speaker for NuSkin.

  • Done over a thousand 1 to 1 sessions on hundreds of clients.


Client Feedback

"As I count my blessings today, high on my list is Laura Jane Jones. After spending the past three weeks in what can only be described as agony with a wisdom tooth coming through, I had a Biofeedback session with Laura and have been PAIN FREE EVER SINCE. 

Not only that but she UNCOVERED DEEP AND LONG STANDING EMOTIONAL BLOCKS of which I hadn’t been aware of, I now feel like I am in Love with life again. The deep gratitude I feel for being alive and HEALTHY is the best birthday present I could have wished for. Thank you!”       — CAROLYN SYKES, BERKSHIRE (via Meta Skype).